Wednesday, June 13, 2012

fruit pizza + birthday

To celebrate my sister's birthday, we did a little pool time (what else?). It was my mom's first time at the good ol water park, and I'd say she had a pretty good time. Now we just need to get my dad and Dev there. Come on you two!

Brooklyn loved playing with Grandma in the water and also pulling her every which way she wanted to go, ya know, show her around the place. She's kind of bossy like that. I've been told she gets that from me. I don't believe it. Kind of. Kayla and Haley were there to mug on Brooklyn as well, and also to try and get her to be braver than I am and stick her face in the water. If she does it on her own, then water up her nose doesn't bother her one bit. If you make her do it, that's a different story. But she loves her aunts all the same and wishes they could come play at the water park every day. They are growing up though, which means they have to be responsible have jobs. Darn those jobs.

The birthday dinner was a BBQ, and a delicious BBQ at that. I ate more fruit than I have all summer combined. I just couldn't get enough. Don't worry. I ate plenty of the other good stuff as well.

Kayla's missionary's family stopped by to say hi and give her a gift: a darling locket with a picture inside of... yep, you guessed it, her and her missionary. It's so dang cute and she loves it. She's lucky to have such a great family be such a big part of her life. She just loves them and they love her.

They were even kind enough to pose for a picture. We missed you Beau.

 (her missionary sent her the ukulele)

Kayla's best decision on her birthday, and most important I'd say, was choosing fruit pizza as her 'birthday cake'. Oh my fruity goodness. I gave in and had two pieces. Yummy stuff Mom. It really was the perfect 'food ending' to such a fun day. We loved being able to celebrate with family and especially Kayla on her birthday. 

I'm going to have a 1 year old in a month and a half. I really can't take it. I'm in denial. 

Don't grow up Brooklyn Jayde. I don't know if my heart can take it.

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