Tuesday, June 12, 2012


Brooklyn got a new swimming suit.

 (thanks Grandma Lisa)

She is walking all over the place now. Her new favorite thing to do at the water park is walk around, check out everyone's stuff, and sometimes take off with it. Oh yes. Big teenage boy shoes are probably her favorite thing to pick up and try to carry around. Funny girl. Luckily, she never got caught by the owners. I was barely fast enough to catch her and return the stolen items before she was onto the next large shoe.

Haley was there to help me today. A lot of help is needed now that Brooklyn can take off by foot now. She's much faster. Hopefully my mommy radar kicks it up a notch and makes me faster too. Otherwise, we'll be up to our ears in large teenage boy shoes and other random things from strangers at the water park.

 (twin-er swim suits)

Besides the water park and hanging out with Haley... there was also laundry to be done and dinner to be made. It was a full day and definitely one that wore me RIGHT out. But speaking of dinner, I went with a recipe I acquired from my aunt while in Cokeville over Memorial Day weekend:

Philly Cheese Steak Sandwiches (with some variation)

These sandwiches are seriously the bomb.com. They're made with hamburger instead of sliced beef (cheaper option - and I went with ground turkey), topped with sauteed onions and bell peppers, and the ingredient that takes it to the next level... cream cheese. Melt in your mouth. Oh my goodness. This recipe has been tucked away as a summer regular. Welcome aboard delicious sandwiches. We're so happy to have you.

And with grapes as a side, it's the perfect balance of summer goodness and its' wonderful bounty.

After dinner, James and I were relaxing (trying to keep our eyes open) on the couch when we noticed Brooklyn was being very quiet and not in our view. That walker. James got up as quickly as he could and went to find her. He called her name. Still not a peep. Then, he came upon the bathroom, where Brooklyn was happily playing in the toilet with none other than our water proof (thank the heavens) video camera. Yep. Toilet. Water. Brooklyn's hands. Camera. Pure bliss written all over her face. She felt a tad guilty when James took the camera away and got her hands out of the toilet.

Look at that face.

Because the camera is ok and all in one peace, I decided that maybe I should share a video from said camera. A little treat. A glimpse into the world of my little wonder. Enjoy.


Ok, one more video. One documenting this little walker that is EVERYWHERE now.

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