Wednesday, June 27, 2012


The Tracy Aviary at Liberty Park is another perk of having the Utah Pass of All Passes. Free admission to look at some cool exotic birds? Yes please. (not to mention, it was also on our summer bucket list)

It was so hot when we went. I wasn't sure it was going to be the greatest idea James and I had ever had, but it turned out to be so fun. Brooklyn loved it. Especially when the birds were moving or making lots of noise. She would point and say 'oooh'. She really got into it by the end of our tour.

James was good to read the info on the birds and then share it with Brooklyn. I was more of a walk passed, look, and move onto the next bird. She was definitely more educated by her Daddy.

It really is such a cool little place. The surroundings were beautiful and there was quite an array of birds to see. That being said, I don't think I would ever pay the adult price of $7 to go again, but for a free activity, I would do it again and again.


James' favorite: the roadrunner 
my favorite: the owls
Brooklyn's favorite: the ducks

Since we'd cleaned the house top to bottom that morning, and had no later commitments, we stayed out and about.

We hit up our favorite doughnut spot, Banbury Cross, for some doughnut-y goodness.

Had lunch at the Training Table,

and then crossed off another bucket list item,

going to see Brave. 

We were definitely brave to attempt this feat with Brooklyn in tow. But, she slept for the first half, sat on my lap and watched 20 minutes, and then James and I took turns standing up with her in the doorway for the rest. She was so good. Her parents were shocked. And thrilled.

The movie was cute and teaches some good wholesome life lessons. I would recommend it, especially for $3 at the dollar theatre.

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