Thursday, June 28, 2012

splish. splash.

I've said it before and I'll say it again. I love summer. I love it. I'll say it a hundred more times before it's over. Sorry if it gets old. But get into the summer spirit. Soak up some sun. Eat some watermelon. Light some sparklers for crying out loud. 

Our summer evening started out slow. Dinner was this. Accompanied by grapes and lemonade. Followed up with some dessert crepes. Yum yum yum. The recipe is super versatile too. James and I thought of a handful of other things we could add next time: cherry tomatoes, garlic, black beans, bacon, fish or chicken, and the list goes on and on. Try it. It's yummy.

Then we headed out for an adventure. Our destination... the fountains at Gateway. James and I were both giddy with excitement. We couldn't wait to see Brooklyn's reaction to water squirting up out of the ground. All around her. 

We were not disappointed. She loved it. She loved it more than we could have imagined. She was soaked and freezing cold, but she loved it. 

She loved the water, the music, and of course, the other kids running around in the water. She was thrilled. James was the fun parent and got soaked with her. I stayed safe and dry behind the camera. We all had smiles that couldn't be wiped off our faces for a million dollars. Watching her be so happy and just completely enthralled made us feel exactly the same. Oh my heavens. That girl.

Goodbye one more summer adventure. Bring on the next.

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