Thursday, May 10, 2012

What we did...

Yesterday we:

slept in (mostly Brooklyn)

ate cereal out of the same bowl

made lion sounds

played outside in the 80 degree weather

had casadillas with gorgonzola cheese

took 3 naps (only Brooklyn)

crawled through an obstacle course

enjoyed Aunt Chelsea and Uncle Jeremy's company

had kabobs for dinner

ate no bake cookies (none for Brooklyn)

watched 90's music videos

tried on lots of dresses (just me)

stayed up late visiting (yes Brooklyn was involved)

dreamed up some more ideas for summer

and did lots of other little things in between. I don't think I've expressed enough how grateful I am to get to be home with this baby. I get to be with her all day. Seriously, I dreamed about this for years. After my third miscarriage I just thought maybe my life was going to head down another road and that becoming a mother would have to be years and years more away. I ached for this baby. I wanted her so badly to be in my life. Gosh I'm grateful. I really and truly am. I am not always the most patient or have the best attitude, but I wouldn't rather be doing anything else with my life right now. I am happy to be a mother and be home. Right now, my dreams are coming true. 


Also, a big thanks to Katie Henderson for designing my blog button. She really does rock.

I'll make it 'share-able' later, but right now, this mama needs sleep.

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