Wednesday, May 9, 2012

A bucket full of summer...

Yesterday my SIL posted about her and her husband's summer bucket list, Studio 5 did their summer bucket list show, and James and I have been giving careful thought to our very own summer bucket list. The summer bucket list, for us, started back in 2007 during our dating days. We made a small yet fun list over the phone and became ecstatic about it. Since we only saw each other on weekends because we lived so far apart, our weekends were packed with things from that bucket list. Sadly though, we did not finish that list. It's sad, but not really. We've made a summer bucket list every summer since. We turn into kids when we start planning and scheming out our summer. It's just so darn fun.

This summer will be different than any other for us, this summer will be Brookified. Adding a baby to the mix will change our usual summer bucket list just a little bit. I think it will also make it more fun and interesting. As with anything and everything we did before baby that we do now, it will require a lot more planning and preparation. It will totally be worth it. That cute baby in a swim suit. Oh. My.

One major change to our summer bucket list this year (besides baby) is that we want it to be a healthy summer. That includes: being active and eating lots of healthy food. Normally during the summer, we do eat very fresh, but we want to try to do that even more. Summer time is such an opportune time to do this. We'll be surrounded by fresh fruits and vegetables that we can easily turn into yummy meals and snacks. It makes me giddy thinking of all the possibilities. Also, it makes my mouth water.

This does not mean that we won't partake of all the summer bounty that is NOT healthy: snow cones, funnel cakes, BBQ, etc... no no, we won't deprive ourselves like that. We just want to try extra hard to ADD healthy things into our daily diets.

Doesn't that sound good? I really can't wait. In fact, we had a sort of summer fresh meal tonight. Remember that apple salsa recipe from Our Best Bites? Well, it just made it into the summer norm list. I made it for dinner again last night and it just tasted so fresh, and like, summer in my mouth. James agreed. It really is such a simple delicious recipe. If you haven't tried it yet, do it.

Summer 2012 is going to be a good one. A healthy one. And hopefully, the summer where we can check off EVERYTHING on our list. That would be a first. A first and with a baby. That would be quite a feat. I think we can do it. I know we can do it. Now, come on summer! Come on!

{summer starts for me when the outdoor pools open}

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