Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Random thoughts and lovelies...

Ever since junior high, let's say, every time I watch a movie I enjoy or read a book I love, I have always said, "I have to have that for my future children." I really have been thinking about it for many years, as I'm sure a lot of girls do. We dream about our future children and  hope that they'll love all of the same things we do. Luckily, I have kept somewhat of a list of these books and movies. However, I have not been as diligent at updating it as I should be. But I definitely have a good start. Some of the books on that list, are from the clothbound Penguin classic collection. These books are charming. I want all of them. They're more pricey than I can afford so it'll be over time that I will collect them. It thrills me. I can't wait to read these classics to my children.

I like to think that my children will all love books and reading. I really really do hope this is the case. I want them to love to be read to, beg for it even, before bedtime. It's something I really almost pray for. Would that be crazy? I want my children to be healthy and love to read. Sounds good to me. The other thing I want more than anything is for them to be kind to EVERYONE. I want them to reach out to those without a friend or be the person to smile at someone sad and make their day. James and I have talked about having a family motto or theme that we live by and stand by. Something simple that we can teach our children from a young age that they can easily remember. This is what we came up with: Be happy. Be kind. It's simple and powerful. I really feel strongly that if our kids are both happy and kind, they can do great things. It's so important to me that they ARE happy and that they ARE kind. Almost nothing else matters. 

(cute little mug covered in ice cream) 
I love the gentle reminders I get every day that help me to appreciate the things in my life. Being a stay at home mom, having a healthy baby, a husband that loves me, good health, a home, all of these things are things I take for granted. I can easily become frustrated or sad about things and I completely forget how blessed I am. I constantly have to take a step back and remember just how good I have it. I get to be what I've wanted to be my whole life. A wife and a mother. What a precious precious thing that is. Oh my goodness how precious. I need to be constantly on my knees pouring out my thankful heart. I need the gentle reminders in my life. The small things.

(thanks for dinner and ice cream Gary and Lisa)

p.s. I'm also dreaming about these bed spreads #1 and #2. James says someday. Ooh I can't wait.

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