Monday, May 7, 2012

May and birthdays...

Our weekend was full of celebrations. Celebrations of the graduation and birthday sort. They started Friday evening at quaint little mexican restaurant for Jeremy's graduation. Highlights of that celebration:

1. the thrill of choosing the restaurant before seeing it or ever hearing about it
2. darn good food
3. my guacamole on the side
4. Brooklyn's ability to make friends with strangers
5. the fried ice cream...mmm
6. family time

After dinner, everyone went their separate ways and we enjoyed a quiet night at home. I seriously just love those sometimes. I need them.

Things got hectic come Saturday. I had this brilliant idea to throw Haley a surprise sweet 16 party a couple weeks ago and when it finally came, I didn't feel so brilliant. I felt a tad out of control. There was a lot of prep work to do with Haley in the house. Tricky. But we pulled it off. It was a fun night and Haley was totally surprised. She and her friends had a good time. The rest of us enjoyed eating the food. Highlights of celebration #2:

1. Haley's reaction. So funny.
2. the scramble before: hiding kids and convincing Haley to shower and get ready
3. the sweet chex mix
4. being locked in my mom's room with Whit, my mom, and Brooklyn
5. lots of laughs

 (Haley getting 'surprised')

 (that banner is held together with none other than karo syrup)

Sunday was nice. We went to church with my family and then celebrated Haley's birthday with dinner and dessert. Also, I got to take a nap. Seriously, might be the highlight of the day. There was lots of picture taking. We're a little out of control in that area. My dad flew in from a trip early Sunday afternoon, so we spent a lot of time all together just chatting and eating.

 (comfiest shoes ever)

 (the men doing manly things while we made dessert)

 (dessert display I came up with in ten seconds)

 (cupcakes: pretzels, Reeses, brownies)

I can't believe that Haley is sixteen. I remember the day she was born. I couldn't wait to get to the hospital to see her. She became my baby. I babysat her all the time and she was my shadow. When my mom cleaned condos at Bear Lake for a summer, I bathed Haley, dressed her, fed her, and took care of her all day. I just loved it. I liked feeling like a mom. Luckily, Haley survived that summer. And holy cow, sixteen years later, I just love her sixteen times more than I did back then. She's one of my best friends. She takes such good care of Brooklyn and she just loves her. Haley, come down soon and have a sleepover k? We'll eat crepes with nutella and peanut butter until we're sick. Deal? Deal. 

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