Friday, May 4, 2012

A Loaf of ...

Brooklyn was super excited to wake up and remember that Auntie Googs had spent the night. In fact, she crawled right into the room she was sleeping in and crawled right on top of her. We love that Auntie Googs. For the rest of the morning, Brooklyn was elated to show her the ropes of our morning routine. Little show off. She was such a happy little camper. When I got out of the shower I could hear giggling down the hallway. I found these two, tucked away in their little hut. Oh my gosh. Heart melter.

Auntie Googs didn't get to stay long so we quickly hit up Target before she went on her way. Brooklyn was a good baby on that errand. As a reward, she got her second nap of the day. Girl loves her naps. The second she woke up from that nap, we were out the door again, this time...dun dun dun...Wal Mart. Again, she did well. So I got brave. We drove all the way to IKEA. It's far folks (for a baby who loathes her car seat). I had paid for something and left it there (stupid self check-outs) the night before so I really wanted to go back and get it. How was she? Great. So I rewarded that with a warm gooey $1 cinnamon roll. How was she on the way home? Awesome. Her reward...nap 3 of the day. Without those three naps, our days our doomed.

While this nap-loving baby napped...I did my menu for the week, wrote a few emails, and watched a little movie. It was great. 

I also started dinner... (gorgonzola shrimp)

and straightened up the house. It really is amazing how much I can get done when that little one is asleep. Amazing. Now mind you, I only watched the last part of a movie I started the day before, menu planning doesn't take me that long, the shrimp recipe is super easy and fast, and Brooklyn's naps are usually only an hour. Just thought I should tell you that so you don't go thinkin' she takes these long amazing naps. Just power naps for her really. She's got too much to do, too much to see. Like hang out in her high chair, play with her tooth brush and measuring spoons, and eat bread crumbs.

Oh, and kick her feet a million miles a second. Ya that's important too. And adorable.

James got home, we all ate dinner, and then he was out the door again fulfilling his church calling duties. So Brookie and I had a girls' night in. We watched some Office, played peek-a-boo, watched One Direction music videos, and of course, there was a loaf of rice krispies involved. Yes. A loaf.

My dear sweet husband is not a fan of this amazing treat, so Brooklyn and I take advantage and devour the whole thing ourselves (she really helps me eat it you guys I swear and we didn't eat the whole thing. there's half a loaf left). Girls' night + a loaf of rice krispies = you just have to try it. It was the best kick off to our weekend where we will:

go to dinner to celebrate Uncle Jeremy's graduation
celebrate Aunt Haley's 16th birthday (WHAT?)
take a nap (ME specifically here)
and do no cleaning whatsoever.

sounds l o v e l y

h a p p y  w e e k e n d - i n g 

my photo of the day...

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