Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Time. Stop.

Our FHE's are pretty simple right now. We usually just do something as a little family for a couple hours and call it good. We definitely need to add lessons in slowly and soon. Brooklyn picks up on things that amaze me. Every day. Therefore, simple lessons would be good. I need to think more about that for sure.

We went to Sonny Bryan's for dinner. Awesome BBQ. Also, the place was almost empty which meant we got our food super fast. James and I were both starving so this was an added bonus. The brisket, baked beans, and rolls, oh my gosh the rolls, were all so good. Brooklyn thought it was all very yummy too. She was so good to sit in a high chair and just eat bits and pieces that we shared with her. She was in heaven. Me? Oh I ate my entire plate. Almost licked the darn thing clean. You guys, I love food.

Afterward, we went for some frozen yogurt. We ended up with quite the combination of yogurt and toppings. Luckily for me, James is not picky and will eat anything I want to add to our concoction. Brooklyn loved it all too.

(remember those fake candy rocks? ya they were there. and no we didn't use them.) 

Here is our masterpiece.

These simple evenings spent with my husband and daughter are precious. Priceless. Sometimes I wish I could stop time forever. But then I think about all the other times I'd miss in the future. Brooklyn growing up. More children. Funny things my children will say. Brooklyn changes so much in such short amounts of time. I love everything new she does and every new stage she hits. Oh my goodness. Sometimes I just want to eat her for dinner. It's tempting. As much as I want to freeze time, and her, I can't wait to spend more time with her. So here's to all those special evenings, moments, and memories. I'm going to do better at taking it all in, and enjoying the right now. Time flies.

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