Monday, April 30, 2012

A girl who didn't get shots

Friday afternoon was Brooklyn's 9 month check up. Boy I was happy that there were no shots involved. Too bad I worried sick about it all day. Totally worth it though. She was not feeling too chipper anyway. She had a slight fever and of course she did, she has that darn hand foot mouth thing and an ear infection again. Ugh. Luckily, this time, it's been WAY more mild. She already seems to be better. Thank the heavens. Literally.

 (so glad that James is able to come to appointments with us)

Remember how I wanted some delicious food this weekend? Well I got it. We went to a little burger place,B & D Burgers, and walked away super duper happy we'd gone there. I enjoyed a bleu bacon burger and a killer peanut butter oreo shake. Oh my gosh. Bacon to perfection. No joke. Why do I love food so much?

 (sunset out the window of B & D, also, construction)

We had a fun little sleepover with Jeremy and Chels that ended earlier than any of our prior sleepovers. I think we were all in bed before midnight. Am I right? Anyway, it's not because we're THAT old, our guests had to be up early to head to Utah county for the Color Me Rad run. Us, we slept in and enjoyed it thoroughly. I love waking up in our bed on a Saturday morning. Because we spend time with family so often on the weekends, we rarely get to all wake up together on a Saturday, in our KING bed. Folks, James and I will always have a king. We seriously have to.

Breakfast was from Starbucks and Carl's Jr. James couldn't get his hands on some breakfast sandwiches fast enough, and I was dying for a Vanilla Steamer. Ok, not dying. But I wanted one. The rest of the morning was very productive and then we headed to Coalville.

Saturday night ended like this.

All the ladies in one bed, including Brooklyn. We chatted away until our little hearts were content. I love having sisters and a mom that I can spend hours and hours with and never be bored. I love them so much. Thanks for lots of laughs, awesome baby name ideas, and some killer games of Nerts/Nerps.

It was a great weekend. I think it's been a long time since we've had a bad one. I'm grateful for that. We live for the weekends at our house and it's nice that we're always able to spend them with people we love or accomplishing things that need to get done that make us feel all good and productive inside. That's how weekends should be.

I'll leave you with some adorable little pictures of Brooklyn in her dress and jacket from Grandma Lisa. It's so cute on her and I think it's going to fit her through the summer. Yay for summer! Yay for dresses! And yay for pink!

p.s. I'm obsessed with this video. I'm calling it the song of the summer. I only watched it, hmm, 42 times this weekend. Seriously. I love me a good boy band. 

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