Saturday, April 28, 2012


I'm a huge fan of online shopping. For real. I love it. Maybe too much. There's just something about it that makes my heart flutter and my toes tingle. It's all the more exciting when I find a good deal, or there's free shipping involved. Oh free shipping. 

Sometimes I'm a creature of habit (ok almost always) and I get stuck on the same sites. being one of them. I get caught up thinking that they always have the best prices. Not always the case. Enter: You guys, this is an awesome site. You want to know more? Ok I'll tell ya.

Go to Become and you'll instantly see that it's not only for online shopping, but for research as well. Research? What? For instance, if you're looking into buying a product that you're not familiar with or maybe you don't even know what it can search for that product, click Guides, and several articles will come up that are super helpful in your purchase making. I love this feature. There are some great resources and honestly, I've enjoyed reading up on what I want to buy.

The best part about Become... the price comparison it gives you. Like I said before, I always think that Amazon will have the lowest prices and best deals on the products I'm looking for, but after searching for several items on Become, I've found other places with better deals. For instance, I was searching for the best deal on some Bobbi Brown lip gloss. It's much cheaper in Sephora than buying it on Amazon. Go ahead try it for yourself!

I like things organized. Become has great sorting options. You can choose colors, prices, stores, ratings, category, and brand. I love me some good sorting. Seriously go check this place out. I've spent hours just reading the research side of things. I searched for some perfume and ended up reading about the most classic perfumes, most popular over time, and all that fun stuff. It definitely intrigues me. Go look at it and let me know what you think! Or if you find something even more awesome that I missed!

Wanna know what the most popular perfume of all time is?

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