Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Seven Peaks #1

Remember how I said a little while back (if you keep up on this blog, I mean, you might not) I mentioned that summer for me, officially began after Memorial Day weekend? Well, we took full of advantage of yesterday being the 'first day of summer' and we headed to Seven Peaks to use those season passes. Holy cow, such a fun/perfect way to kick this summer off. I'm not even kidding. It really was ideal.

We didn't head over there until about 3 o'clock so luckily the sun was about to turn off it's most powerful rays. I do not want a lobster fried baby this summer. That's the last thing I want. Auntie Hay was there too, so Brooklyn got to swim with her for a little bit. She thinks her aunts are the coolest.

Brooklyn loved the wave pool, it was the warmest, and most definitely the most entertaining for her. She loved when the waves would crash on her little body. So much, in fact, that she walked out as far as her mommy would let her before her mouth and nose were under the water. She was in water park heaven.

James joined us a little while later, as soon as he got off work. Boy was he excited to come play with us in the water and sunshine after a long day. We dubbed it a perfect summer evening. All three of us were as happy as could be and couldn't stop smiling.

Not only can we cross Seven Peaks off of our summer bucket list, we can also cross off the beloved funnel cake. However, we had it in funnel fries form. Divine. Also, super unhealthy. But boy was that the icing on the cake for the evening.

One of my favorite parts had to be when James was off riding the big scary slides, Brooklyn had nursed and then fallen asleep, and I was left to read my book in pure quiet bliss. I felt so happy that I seriously could have just cried. I was in heaven. That moment will really be a hard one to top for the rest of the summer, and I'll let you know if it does get topped. It'll take something great and grandiose.

We ended our water park evening at the lazy river. I laid in the tube and James swam behind with Brooklyn in tow. So relaxing and just down right fun. Brooklyn got the biggest kick out of being able to see her legs kicking under water. Huge grin on her face the whole time. She's about to have the best/first summer of her life!

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