Thursday, May 31, 2012

Summer dining.

I woke up to a sad baby.

I think she was hoping she'd wake up and still be at the water park. Darn it. How disappointing. And I did seriously think about going back again for two days in a row of watery fun, but it just didn't happen. Instead, a nice summer dinner happened. Complete with strawberry lemonade and all.

We had Cafe Rio knock-off burritos. One of our favorites around these parts. I have a love hate relationship with these burritos. My mouth loves them so much that I eat too much and then I have to live with a stomach ache for the next hour or so. I just can't control myself. Not to mention, that lemonade made it taste even better. Is that possible?

Brooklyn started out her meal with a graham cracker so that both Mommy and Daddy could get a good five minutes of eating in. She didn't mind. This is her favorite. It sure does make a mess though. No joke.

Then I took my turn of doing the pleasure of getting this girl to eat. Lately, it never fails to say her name very seriously and like there is something of utmost importance to tell her, and then asking her what a puppy says (or any barnyard animal). She gets all serious too and just opens her mouth without thinking and takes bite after bite and I make a fool of myself making very serious animal sounds. But it works. And moms do whatever it takes.

She ate so well, even after Daddy took his turn of serious animal talking, that we rewarded her with a suck of the straw. She'd been eyeing it down before dinner even started. So we obliged and she loved it. Even if it was empty.

Look at those precious little hands.

Today brings Aunt Tori's graduation, Friday brings the water park, and Saturday brings a few things we're still sorting out. Either way, we're thrilled. We're thrilled that it's summer. We're thrilled for the weekend, and we're thrilled that it's summer (can't say it enough)! 

*I usually use a different recipe for the Cafe Rio burritos, but unfortunately, it's lost. So, I used this one
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