Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Memorial Day. . . According to James' phone

(Little House on the Prairie - house my mother grew up in)

(playing keep away with Elder Perry)

(talking cookbooks with Aunt Barb - Kayla...creeper)

(Aunt Barb insisted she wear a coat...her coat)

(checkin out the colts)

(visiting Grandma Jackie. We love you!)

(always the center of attention)

(Grandpa Bill's headstone - Brooklyn's middle name comes from this grandpa's middle name, Jay) 

 (Brooklyn's great-great grandma and grandpa Dayton)

 (whisker tickles from Grandpa)

 (Grandmas and their granddaughters @ Blondie's)

(completely exhausted at the end of a wonderful weekend)

Thank you James' phone.

the. end.

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