Thursday, May 24, 2012

Oh that rain.

I am an avid weather watcher. If I miss the weather, I feel, well, out of the loop. I like knowing what to expect the next day. So today when I woke up to gray skies and rain pouring outside my window, I was delighted. Way to go weatherman! You nailed it. I love waking up to a rainy day, but only when I know it's coming. AND only when I don't have any plans that can't be ruined by rain. Today was one of those days.

 I let Brooklyn look out at the rain and she was totally mesmerized by it. She wanted to touch it over and over again. It was coming down hard when I opened that door. She was thrilled. I think she could have stayed there for the rest of the morning. But, there was breakfast to be had and a poopy diaper to be changed.

After a short but sweet visit from Aunt Chelsea, I laid Brooklyn down for her second nap of the day. After her nap, the plan was to pick up James from work and then take Brooklyn to Primary Children's for an x-ray (apparently when a baby is born via c-section, they have to get this x-ray to make sure their hips are ok?). I was nervous all day wondering how Brooklyn would handle being held down on a table. She's a busy body. Holding still is not on her resume. Not at all.

I picked up James and the three of us headed to Primary Children's, Brooklyn already being a tad ornery. We checked in and then enjoyed the fish tank. She really liked watching the fish, but she would have been much happier to jump right into the tank with them. She wasn't happy about not being able to actually touch the fish. Oh that girl.

Then came time for the x-ray. The nurses were super nice and definitely knew what they were doing with a baby. Relief for this mama. They talked to her sweetly and she did just fine for the first picture. But then, oh but then, they had to redo the second one and Brooklyn was done holding still. She screamed at the top of her lungs and looked around frantically for her mommy and daddy. Luckily, these girls were fast and in two more seconds she was done. I picked her up and tried to soothe her. She wasn't having it. She screamed and screamed. All the way down the hall. I'm not sure why she was so upset, but boy was she. 

We got her outside and she calmed down. We had a few minutes to sit outside while the valet guy brought our car around. I thought she was over her traumatic experience (not that it was, I don't know) by the time we put her into her car seat. Not true. She started screaming again. She screamed the whole way home. Not kidding. This poor baby was super upset about something.

 I got her into the house and cradled her in my arms and just rocked her. She still cried. Softly. She snuggled into my chest and finally was able to calm down. If you know this baby, she is not often a cuddler. So this. Was. Heaven. Oh I loved it. She just needed her mommy. To be held tight and to feel safe. I know that feeling. I still need that. This baby was just feeling a little out of sorts and needed her world to be back to normal. In her mommy's arms, where everything is safe and happy again. Gosh it was a precious moment. A moment I know I yearned for for years when I struggled to keep a pregnancy. A moment I craved. To be that mommy and those arms that are her child's safe haven. Precious moments. This mommy gig, it's a good one.


On a side note: after she settled down she fell right to sleep. That meant James and I got to eat dinner just the two of us. Hot food. Uninterrupted. It was lovely. 

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