Friday, May 25, 2012

The happy list

Yesterday my SIL and I were emailing back and forth, something we do during the week, and we got talking about lists. Making lists. Lists lists lists, and how happy they make us. I make lists for almost everything, even if it doesn't need one. I just think they're great. I like things pretty and organized and that's what lists are to me. So it got me thinking... why not make a "Happy List": a list of things that make me happy. And maybe just a list of things that make me happy right now, this instant. So here you go folks, my happy list, for today. And some pictures from our day yesterday.

 (loves the green smoothie, seriously, she ate almost a 1/4 of mine)

1. it's Friday.
2. we're going to Cokeville tomorrow for Memorial Day!
3. Cokeville means: lots of family!
4. my new eye liner brush. seriously. it makes a world of difference.
5. Brooklyn's non stop chatter. That girl can talk.
6. knowing that the library is going to call me any minute to tell me my book is ready for me to take home and devour.
7. the cake plate on my table.
8. One Direction's song, One Thing.
9. Brooklyn's dance moves to One Thing.
10. knowing James is at work working hard for us. 
11. knowing James will come home from work and BE HOME until Tuesday morning.
12. this orange-sicle treat I'm slurping right this instant.
13. ALL pools will be open by the time I'm back in Utah (Cokeville's in Wyoming guys).
14. swimming. swimming. swimming.
15. pool side. pool side. pool side.
16. this list :)

(the swimming got me side tracked and now that's all I can think about!)

 (enjoying the rice krispy making spoon)

 (James in his half work clothes-half lounging clothes outfit)

(she wanted to be outside all afternoon AND evening)

Have a lovely and safe weekend. I know I will. I'll be with people I love and eating delicious delicious food. I can't wait!
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