Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Day 2012 Part A

Our Memorial Day weekend has been wonderful so far. So much in fact that we're still in the middle of it and I'm surrounded with lots of family and even more food. No joke. We've enjoyed going back and forth from grandma Jackie's to grandma and grandpa Petersen's. We have not enjoyed the rain and cold weather. Please come out tomorrow sun. Please. Here are some pictures of what we've been doing so far. 

Visiting grandma Jackie is always a treat. I love the things she collects in her home. Namely, the Flow Blue china. I love it.

Brooklyn can't get enough of those teddy bears. And there are lots of them.

Grandma even let her play with her special jewelry and other fun things to get clang around. Brooklyn loved it.

In our Sunday best.

Sneaking treats with Auntie Googs.

Back at grandma Jackie's for some ice cream. Brooklyn's favorite treat.

And what is this? Oh just some more ice cream. Homemade raspberry lemon. Tasted like summer.

On tomorrow's agenda:

a visit to the cemetery 

lunch with the Holmes'

more time at G & G Petersen's
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