Monday, May 14, 2012

Mother's Day 2012

To sum up my mother's day in one word, it would definitely have to be: spoiled. Not even kidding. My husband spoiled me. Like, really spoiled me. Saturday morning I woke up to a sweet card and a new phone. What? I had no idea. That sneaky husband.

For the rest of the day he helped a ton with Brooklyn, especially as we made the drive to Coalville. That girl doesn't like her car seat. Never has. Anyway, he kept surprising me by being a huge help, getting my favorite drinks, and then Sunday morning I woke up to a tablet. Woa. Seriously.

I love it. It's so awesome. I spent most of Sunday playing with it. It felt like Christmas. All these new toys.

But back to Saturday. We spent a lot of time outside. Mostly because my mom was doing some gardening and she wanted the company. I knew she wouldn't appreciate me taking a picture of her in her gardening get up, so like the good daughter that I am, I didn't. I took one of my dad and Brooklyn. Precious.

But I can't do a post about mother's day and not have a picture of my mom on it. Come on. So here's one of her last Sunday with Brooklyn outside on their deck, enjoying the view. Brookie's rollin' diaper-only style.

We had a BBQ for dinner, said our goodbyes, and then drove to my in-laws. Brooklyn was good the entire way. How's that for a super mother's day gift? The rest of the night pretty much revolved around Brooklyn, as it usually does. Nice and relaxing. Just the way I like it. Then, bed time happened. Brooklyn wasn't the problem, heat/cold was. I was hot. James was cold. I also had a mongo leg ache. Anyone else get those? I could NOT sleep for the life of me. I tried everything, seriously.

Luckily, I did have a little company because James woke up to secretly put present #2 in the bathroom so I'd see it first thing in the morning. We talked a little, mostly complained to each other, and then eventually fell asleep. Seven am rolled around and Brooklyn was ready to roll. Excited for church? I have no idea, but she was awake. James took her to grandma and I tried to sleep in, but to no avail. So, I hit the showers. I saw my gift and was as ecstatic as I could be with three hours of sleep. After my shower, I was super excited. I couldn't wait to get my hands on it and play with it. Play with it!!!

But, church first.

So here we are, in all our mother's day glory. It really was such a beautiful day.

How was Brooklyn at church? Well, she was good for about .2 seconds. I B-lined it outta there as fast as I could in wedges and got her to the mother's lounge. Due to her early rising and everyone getting ready for church (including me), she had not yet nursed (grandma tried to feed her breakfast, but she just wanted to play). So, I tried nursing, but then someone else joined us in the mother's lounge and Brooklyn wanted to have a play date instead of eat. Needless to say, we were in there all of the first block: nursing and then napping (not me, Brookie).

Exhausted is the best way to describe myself on mother's day. Good thing my mother-in-law wanted to hold Brooklyn every second of that day. I don't think I'd a made it. Brooklyn tagged along with grandma to: make dinner, clean up dinner, pack dinner to take to great-grandma's house, and everywhere and anywhere else that grandma went.

Dinner at great-grandma's was stupendous. One word, ribs. That's right. For mother's day we got down and dirty and had ourselves some saucy delicious ribs. Sounds perfect to me. And boy did we get down. There wasn't a rib left in the place when we were done.

 (please notice Chelsea's killer braid, oh and grandma enjoying her roll)

I feel overwhelmingly grateful to be a mother. What an incredible gift it is. It truly is a gift, and one that I would never trade for all the money/clothes/shoes in the world. Nothing can top being a mother. It really does bring a happiness that can not be described. I'm grateful to have been spoiled by my husband, but more grateful that he made me a mom. I couldn't do it without him. And I leave that with you... and also, a big plate of discarded rib bones. 

h a p p y  m o n d a y 

p.s. we're already basically half way done with May. What the...

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