Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Awesome Mondays

As you can see from the above picture (please notice the TOUCHDOWN plate)...last night's dinner was 1/2 healthy. But we love sloppy joes in this house. Not the Manwich kind, no no, the real life homemade kind. Also, pair that with some grilled asparagus and I'd say that's a darn tasty meal right there. I basically pair anything with asparagus this time of year. It goes well with anything. They taste better if you eat them with your hands.

Reasons why yesterday was awesome:

1. My sister came down for a visit and I love when she does that.

2. We had some delicious Sonic beverages. Have you ever tried a cherry limeade with peach? Do it.

3. It really and truly felt like a summer day. I could smell it.

4. I finally got frames for the project pictured below... I had my friend Katie (yes the same one who did my button) do these for me ages ago and I'm just now getting them hung up. I love them.

5. James and I bought THE PASS OF ALL PASSES. But that's not the best part. We got them for a heckuva deal. Bring on Seven Peaks.

6. For FHE we conjured up our summer bucket list. We really are determined to check off everything this year. It's never been done before. Not in 5 summers. 

7. I got to see some girls that I seriously haven't seen in years. High school was a long time ago. But a big shout out to them. They know who they are! And thanks for reading you guys!

8. This last one could definitely come off as bragging, and I am DEFINITELY not putting it on this list to do that. I'm putting it on here to keep me motivated and to remember this day, because I really don't know if it will last long or happen again. So here it is, I hit my goal weight. Five years ago I decided this goal weight when I was at my heaviest. I was in a dark place folks. So unhappy with myself. I had lost control. I felt like I'd be that way forever. So, 5 years later, here I am. I'm happy about it.

So to wrap it up, Monday was a good day. I even got my laundry done. Monday = laundry day. I love not dreading Mondays anymore. As a working girl, Sunday nights almost made me cry. Mondays were never even that bad, I just dreaded starting the work week. You know how it is. But now, like I told James Sunday night, I don't really dread any day anymore. I love my job right now. I'm so grateful to be at home with Brooklyn. I know that I am lucky. I always try to remember that. It's a blessing. I wouldn't trade it for anything.

(Mother's day - she loved watermelon)

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