Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Summer loves!

Every summer I find new favorite products that I love and just can't live without. Ok, obviously I can live without these things, but they just make summer that much better. They make it feel more like summer. I know summer is here when I smell these things and/or wear them. Gosh. Summer I love you.

1. Tahiti, sweetie. This smell carries me away to care free summer days by the pool. No joke. I love this stuff. It can change my whole mood in an instant. To me, it smells of summerness. So, go buy some, tell me how much you love it, and we'll start a club called The Tahiti Sweeties!

2. Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick. This gives my face that instant summer glow. That summer bronziness without the orange look. However, it does look best on me when I have a tan. I wore this for the first time this summer (not technically summer but who's counting) yesterday and my face jumped for joy. My face + the shimmer brick = match made in summer heaven.

3. Supergoop! I have this problem where when my lips are exposed to the sun too long, I get ginormous cold sores/fever blisters. They're not pretty folks. I hate them. I almost hate nothing more in the world than those stupid sores. I actually feel one coming on as I type this. Satan I tell you. Anyway, this is the solution to that problem for me. Ever since I started using this, I haven't had one of those daggum things. Totally totally a summer must have for me.

4. Old Navy flip flops. Hands down, best flip flops in town. I love these. They are comfortable, cute, and for the most part, stand the test of time. Plus, they're super cheap. I want all the colors they have. Well, most of them. There are some questionable ones. Black is my favorite.

5. The summer bucket list. This one might make me the most happy. A whole list of wonderful fun things to 'accomplish' in the summertime?! Bliss. This year we did it up a little differently: by categories of sorts. Not gonna lie, the EAT list is calllin' my name. Thank you summer for your bounty. This bad boy is being printed at Costco as we speak and will grace its' presence on our fridge/wherever I decide to put it for the next few months. Ready. Set. Go.

(thanks Googs)

And the thing I'm most excited for this summer?

Having this little one around to enjoy it with:

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