Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Things I loved about today...

Today I loved:

bathing Brooklyn in the sink. first time. she loved it.

leaving something fun {and cute} on the doorstep of the ladies I visit teach.

the sunshine and taking a nice long walk. baby in tow.

watching Brooklyn try and figure out "what the heck these things are on my feet!" she's worn them for 2 days  now.

making lunch and having this sweet baby come and want her Mommy's attention. By flapping my skirt mind you. Adorable. How could I resist?

talking to an old friend. she is young and she has cancer. my heart breaks for her. but she is strong.

eating fish tacos with James. brooklyn crawling around on the table. heaven.

Brooklyn's bottom tooth. ok, I've loved this for more than just today. my heavens it's cute.

being able to stay home and be with Brooklyn all day. I can't thank my husband {and Father in heaven} enough for this. It truly is a treasure.

I loved today. 

The only thing that could have made it better...

a snow cone.

I really want one.

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