Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The Cabin

This weekend we had a little cabin time. My brother-in-law has an awesome one. He's been in the family for several years now and it's the first time I'd ever been. It's beautiful and majestic. And it's roomy. The area around the cabin is beautiful. The ride up was bumpy and muddy. Good thing we had trusty trucks.

As soon as everything was unloaded and we had explored the cabin a bit, we took advantage of the golf clubs, cooler full of golf balls, and deck-driving range. It was seriously a blast.

The ride up exhausted Brooklyn and she took a nice little nap while we had fun doing the golf thing.

We all pitched in bringing up treats, drinks, and food for dinner and breakfast. I'd say all contributions were A+. I definitely gained some L-B's in the short twenty-four hours we were there. Way too many things to say no to.

The boys took off on the 4-wheelers and us ladies hunkered down in the cabin and watched a little Mama Mia, everyone singing along. Brooklyn loved the songs. This girl can dance. More like shake her head from side to side, but it's darn cute.

After dinner, we ate more and more. I was stuffed and couldn't stop myself. Especially due to the HUGE bag of candy bar assortment Whit and Chuck brought. I decided everyone should order the candy bars from least favorite to most favorite. Funny to see the variations. Sorry CRUNCH bar. No one likes you. Here's mine.

 (crunch = least favorite; reeses = most favorite)

 (Brookie just wanted a drink)

The rest of the night was full of laughing and card games...lots of card games. My favorite was written about here. We had so much fun together eating, laughing, jamming out to Chelsea's sweet playlist, and playing games. Yes folks, I played games. If you know me, you know I'm not much for games. But I did play, and I did have fun. 

The night didn't end until about 2AM. WAY too late for me. Oh man. The boys, they stayed up even later. Here's proof of my two tired sidekicks. Don't worry, Brooklyn went to bed around 10, not 2.

Whit and Chuck made an impressive breakfast. We ate until we were stuffed and then packed up our stuff. We headed down the mountain and stopped off so the boys could shoot some stuff. All the ladies enjoyed the sun, had some treats, and chatted. Brooklyn loved it. The truck ride down? Not so much. She was done with her car seat. That girl can only take so much.

The cabin trip was such a blast. Really. We've already talked about the next time. And next time, I'll hit my ball all the way to the pond. I will.

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