Thursday, April 12, 2012

The SF continues...

Gosh I'm a lucky girl. I woke up to a note from James letting me know he'd gone and gotten me breakfast before heading to his conference. OJ and a breakfast sandwich. If you know me, you know breakfast is the first thing I think about when I open my eyes in the morning (right Dad?). So this was the perfect surprise. That sweetheart.

The rest of the morning Brooklyn and I relaxed in bed and enjoyed the sunshine coming through our doors/windows. Even though there were lots of gray clouds in the sky, that sun was working hard to give us some love. In fact, it never even rained today like it was supposed to. Not gonna complain about that. 

Brooklyn took her first bath in a big tub. Sorry, no pictures. I forgot to take my camera in the bathroom and I had to be a safe mommy and not run and grab it, leaving her unattended. But you can imagine that it was darn cute. She couldn't splash around enough. Not enough limbs on that little body. It was definitely the highlight of her day.

It wore her right out.

But not for too long. She was up again in no time anxiously waiting for her daddy to come back so we could all go to lunch together. Which we did.


How was it you ask? What do you think?

(yes that's a chubby whoopie pie - a delicious chubby whoopie pie)

Right after lunch James had to run back to meetings, so Brooklyn and I stayed out and about and window shopped a little. We hit up THE LOFT, GAP, a few stores I can't remember their names, and this little boutique.

I'd walked past it a couple times and hesitated to go in because it was decorated very ghetto-fabulously. But there was a cute hat in the window that I just had to check out. It ended up being a fun little store with lots of treasures. There is a necklace in there that I'm dying over. I'll probably have to go drool at it again tomorrow.

Then it was back to the hotel so Brooklyn could get down and move around. Get some energy out of that little system. Luckily for us, James had a nice long break so we met up with him to just hang out around the hotel. Brooklyn loved every second.

Again, this wore her out, allowing us to BOTH to take a nap. You guys, it felt amazing! I needed that nap. Badly. It was heaven sent. Little did I know it was a magic nap that made my hubby appear the second I woke up (with the camera in his hand). 

We had decided on dinner plans but for heavens sake, things around here close early. We're talking 6 PM, the whole Embarcadero Center goes to sleep. It's crazy. Can anyone explain this to me? James and I have a few guesses as to why, but I doubt we're right.

So, we ventured out and about to find a new restaurant. We had to go quite a ways just to find one that was open and one that was not a deli or a Starbucks. We happened upon a little place called Schroders. A German restaurant...and bar. We walked in, got seated in the back where it was nice and quiet and then the place got rowdy. We couldn't see it, but we could hear it. The joyful boisterous shouts of working men glad to be done for the day and enjoying a nice big boot of beer. Yes. A boot. Brooklyn loved the noise. 

The food was good. Especially the potato cakes. Mmm. We probably won't end up back there again, but it was a good experience. 

 (I love this picture of James)

The walk back to our hotel was a bit chilly, but still nice. No rain. We passed lots of homeless people and other strange characters along the way. Also, very nice people. Everyone looks at Brooklyn and smiles. Even if she's just staring at them and doesn't smile back. 

We stopped in at a Starbucks to get some pastries for dessert (everywhere else was closed). I got a mongo chocolate chip cookie and James got a maple scone. We deserved those calories. We did a lot of walking today. We're exhausted. Happily exhausted. Ready for another day in the city. We have lunch planned but no dinner plans. We're taking suggestions. Delicious/out of this world/to die for food somewhere near Embarcadero Center. Anyone? 

P.S. I guess the nickname Lil Mama is going to stick. Everyone calls her that. "Hey Lil Mama," they'll say.

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