Friday, April 13, 2012

Day Tres

We had another scrumptious day in San Fran. It started off with Brooklyn in the tub. She would stay in here all day if I'd let her. She cries and cries when I take her out. Life's hard.

 (I had to have a cute bare bum shot)

James was done for the day at noon. So nice. So we went for lunch, at Boudin's. Thanks for the recommendation Katie. There just happens to be one literally connected to our hotel. Yum.

We had the pesto chicken pizza and clam chowder. Best clam chowder I've ever had. I'm not even kidding. So good. Brooklyn enjoyed a few bites of everything, but she preferred this cup to chew on instead.

 (oh ya, we got a cookie too :) )

Out on the plaza behind the hotel is this cool metal water structure thing. James loves it. So does Brooklyn. So while I ate the cookie (most of it), those two explored and I agreed to take pictures.

This is a good shot of our hotel. It's the slanted building and it's huge.

It was supposed to rain every day while we're here but it only rained Tuesday night and then again last night. It was nice yesterday so we took advantage and went exploring. We also shopped a little. This gave us the worst sweet tooth...therefore, we HAD to stop in at this little gem for a dulce de leche crepe with vanilla ice cream on top. Wow.

This was about Brooklyn's nap time so we headed back to the hotel. She fell asleep almost immediately. James and I enjoyed the crepe and some alone time. We too decided it was nap time. So we had a nice big family nap. That's two naps this trip people! I'm in heaven. 

I can't stop thinking about that crepe. 

Dinner was Chinese food. I was craving it. We found an awesome place that was so reasonably priced we almost didn't believe it. 
We decided to order it and then take it back to our room and enjoy a quiet evening. A big storm was rolling in and we didn't want to get caught in it. 

The thunder was impressive. As was the lightening. It made for a cozy night that made me want to stop time. Brooklyn was hyper and happy as a lark and James and I were full to the brim and just so happy to all be here together. Since we got here, James has expressed several times how glad he is that Brooklyn and I are here. It makes me feel so good. I'm glad we're all here together too. Snuggled up. Warm and cozy and ready for some more adventures. 

 (Brooklyn loves this mirror by the bathroom. We call her BIG Brookie when she looks into the magnified part)

h a p p y  f r i d a y !

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