Saturday, April 14, 2012

Friday the 13th

Breakfast was this...

Lunch was this...

And oh my heavens it was good.

James and Brookie aka Lil Mama, took a nap and I had some ME time. So I strolled across the street here...

And got my make-up on. It's also a make-up school. I walked out with an awesome foundation (paid for of course).

After the nappers woke up, we had a few hours before James had to be back in meetings so we ventured over to the Ferry Plaza Building.

There was such a huge variety of shops and eateries. Everything from mushroom shops to home goods stores. 

This one was my favorite.

And then probably this one. If you know me, you know I'm a cheese fanatic. This place was heaven.

Then we walked out to the pier to look at the ocean, ferries, and this bird. We were literally a foot from it. Brooklyn wanted to grab him.

I love the contrast of the palm trees and sky scrapers.

A little frozen yogurt.

James went to his meeting and Brooklyn and I had a nap. Then we got ready to go out on the town.

 (Brooklyn really was excited. Really.)

We planned to ride the F-Train to Fisherman's Wharf but boy did we not plan well. One, it was a Friday night. Two, there was a SF Giants game. And three, it was freezing. So, we decided to browse the ferry building a little more.

We enjoyed this quaint little book shop.

And went back to the home goods store to get me this apron. You guys, I couldn't leave California without her. 

(this pic doesn't do it justice - i'm sure you'll get to know her better very soon)

Dinner was Greek food from Oasis Grill. Such great flavor. If we were here for another night, I would eat it again. No joke. So good.

Our night ended with a trip back to Ziggy's (remember from our first night here) for another amazing oreo milkshake.

Oh and some baklava.

We packed and then relaxed. Sad to be leaving. But it's always nice to go home. Let's hope Brooklyn enjoys another flight.

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