Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Getting to San Fran...

Well, we made it. Safe and sound. Brooklyn's first airplane ride was a success. Thank heavens. She slept like a champ and then woke up with 30 minutes left in the flight. That's my girl.

When we arrived in Oakland, it was raaainy. So right off the bat, Brooklyn got to sport her sweet little yellow rain jacket. 

We rode a bus to the BART and then the BART to our hotel. The hotel is shwanky! So nice. Our view is pretty and we're already loving the sounds of the trolley cars and clock chime.

We didn't venture far from dinner, just across the street. Ziggy's. You guys, this place is good! Tomato soup, to die for. Also, their sweet potato fries.

Walgreen's was our next stop to get a few snacks and breakfast items. James found a sweet basket/cart, and Brookie and I browsed the make-up section. We like Walgreen's.

We found out our hotel is HUGE. Seriously. It takes up like a whole block. It's a block hog. We don't mind.

The lobby is insane. Long strands of lights and futuristic looking elevators kept Brooklyn in gaga land for a good ten minutes. Like I said, the place is shwanky.

There are no set plans for today. Brooklyn and I will hang out until James joins us for lunch and the evening... well, in this city, the possibilities are endless. I just want another great meal. We're just happy to be here together. That's all.

P.S. So far, Brooklyn has been called: a boy (I almost punched him), Lil Mamma (on the BART), Hannah (also on the BART), and New York City (referring to her name I guess). 

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