Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter Part 2

Wow. Packing for a vacation with a baby in tow is a lot more complicated than just packing for myself. Sooo many more things to remember. Good thing for check lists. One of my favorite things, also, the most useful. Tonight (Monday) has been chaotic to say the least. The weather is not looking to perty for us in San Francisco. Lots of rain. So we had to search for an umbrella and rain boots. Then, come home and try to pack for the three of us with the most minimal of bags possible. Hard to do when you add diapers and wipes. 

It's late. We're full of Chinese food. Everything's packed. We're ready for California baby. 

So while we're fighting a stroller a the airport and hopefully NOT a crying baby, enjoy this recap of our Easter Sunday. We spent it with James' family and had a wonderful time. 

Easter dinner was yummy. Especially the ham. The weather was beautiful and we were able to enjoy the sunshine.

Brooklyn was content to play in this. She loves it.

While we ate, we scoped out the best goodies to hunt for our annual grocery hunt!

(yes, those are blue boxes of cereal in the trees)

My nail polish matched the dinner cups. 

Brooklyn enjoyed time on the tramp with her aunts and uncle.

She was super excited to find her treats and goodies all over the yard and put them in our basket.

James getting into the hunt.

Brooklyn exploring Easter grass. She wasn't really sure about it. She also was not feeling like her usual self. Darn it.

I'd say we did pretty well. Getting groceries is such a wonderful thing. I look forward to it every year.

As you can tell, our Easter Sunday was great. We ate well, we hunted well, and the sun was shining VERY well. If only our little Brookie was feeling well. She was a champ and smiled as often as she could. Poor thing. Please pray that she'll feel better as we board the plane. I'm hoping she'll be well rested and super excited for her first plane ride. 

Our first vacation as a family will hopefully be a good one filled with lots of fun memories and quality time spent together. We ARE going for James' work conference. So most of those memories and quality time will be spent together in the evenings. Oh, and you can also pray that it won't rain TOO much. We'd like to get out and explore a bit. 

Kinda like Brooklyn is doing below. This was Aunt Tori's basket and Brooklyn was just sure that these eggs belonged to her.

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