Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter Part 1

Easter Part 1 took place in good 'ol Coalville with my family. We didn't get out the door until close to 6. Packing for a baby adds lots of time and lots more to remember. My mommy brain kicks in sometimes, and I always forget something. Not kidding. Always. This time, you guys, I didn't.

We watched Moneyball, an awesome move in my opinion. I really am a fan of all sports movies. Unless they involve animals...sorry. We stayed up far too late and Brooklyn was starting to get a little bit sick. The next morning, she was a lot-a-bit sick and pretty miserable. She wasn't even super excited about her Easter basket and all the goodies Peter Cottontail dropped off to her. Oh well, maybe next year. Right Brookie?

After a little Easter goodie eating, my sister and I headed to Park City to visit our other sister, the hair dresser, to get our hair did. Oh mine was in desperate need. 

 (I read that magazine cover to cover. My sister has some thick hair that takes lots of time. I did NOT mind.)

I felt like a new woman walking out of that place. Getting your hair done will do that to ya. Yes I think so. It also had me hankerin' for a few things I saw in that darn magazine (more on that later).

The rest of the day was so relaxing. The weather was beautiful and  the sun felt so good on my face. I basically lived in this skirt all weekend:

(comfort is best)

Then there was the traditional dying of the Easter eggs. My family doesn't really take a lot of time to do this. We're a kind of get in and get out kind of people. We know how many we are each allotted and then we just go to town. Using our creativity only when waiting for the color of dye we need for our next egg. We're all business.

(letting Brooklyn be a part and containing her all at once)

(a few candid moments after the eggs)

The rest of the night was full of homemade mac and cheese, Michael Jackson, favorite music videos (NSYNC baby), and lots of laughing. Oh boy. Great memories. And of course, it all ended too soon. There's never enough time with family is there? Honestly. Luckily we had a second part of Easter to enjoy. That recap will be shared  tomorrow, for I could not do the whole weekend justice in one post. Also, lots of pictures. I want to give them all of the glory they each deserve. 

h a p p y  m o n d a y !

*Tomorrow, we're getting on a plane bound for California. San Fran to be exact. With a baby in tow. Adventure city!

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