Thursday, April 5, 2012

Out to lunch

Wednesday brought lunch with James. He loves it when Brooklyn and I make the trek up to Huntsman, and he's not super busy with work stuff, and we can all hang out and have lunch together. We kinda like it too. It's really a treat for Brooklyn to see her dad in the middle of the day.

(scopin out the menu)

This time was a little different, however. We went and had lunch where he used to work. The food there, just as good. I had an amazing garden burger. Legit. But anyway, he wanted to go over and say hi to people that he worked with and also to introduce them to Brooklyn.

(oh just crawling in and out of offices)

Luckily, we caught some of James' favorites. He really loved the people there and they were so good to him. Sadly, they are letting everyone go and shutting down next month. How honestly grateful we are that James was able to get another job long before all of this happened. As hard as it was for him to leave a job and people that he loved, it was definitely the right decision.

Brooklyn loved all of the attention. I'm telling you, she loves people. She only got a little testy at the end because she was starving. Overall though, she showed her true colors. James was glad to be able to show her off.

(beautiful blossoming trees near Huntsman)

When Brooklyn and I got home we decided it was perfect blanket-on-the-lawn weather. So we did just that. For about an hour. She crawled around daring herself to touch the grass, pull it, and then try and eat it. While I laid there and tried to keep the grass out of her mouth. She was in heaven. So was I. It felt like summer. I needed a snow cone bad time. Seriously. Then, it was nap time.

The rest of the evening was chaos with James and I both going different directions and both of us trying to accomplish different things. Crazy. It made me wonder how on earth we'll do all of this with more kids. I guess we'll adjust right? That's what everyone does. I think we'll make it. We hope to have a house full.

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