Wednesday, April 4, 2012

On Tuesday. . .

(we're ready for Easter and Peter Cottontail...mostly)

we had a visitor for dinner.

My cousin Britt. I love Britt. We've been friends, the best of friends, since we were just tiny. She is a year older and was always a head taller than me, but she never made me feel like she was above me. Ever. She always wanted to include me and definitely let me boss HER around when it was time to make up our dances. Easiest going person I know. Also, the best back tickler. No joke. Anyone who knows her knows this is true. She's beautiful inside and out and I'm ticked off that I didn't get a picture of her last night. So here's an oldie.

I made Parmesan Honey Pork Roast again and luckily it turned out. We ate quickly, due to a squirmy baby, and then had a good time visiting. We had a lot to catch up on. Britt also has a great sense of humor. It makes talking to her very enjoyable. We must do it again soon, and often. K Britt?!

While we were visiting...James took Brooklyn outside to get some fresh air. Plus, she loves it out there. We were deep into our conversation when out of nowhere we hear a rock hit the window. Two seconds later, I see two tiny little feet appear into view down my window well. Britt and I started to laugh. Then we saw this:

She was in heaven, that girl.

Such a fun daddy.

Brooklyn loves having visitors. She really does. She likes to show off, smile at them, and try to suck on their feet (sorry Britt). She just likes being around people. It makes me happy. I think it's a good thing. 

We ended the night watching DWTS. Everyone's good this season! And lucky for us, we got to witness an amazing dance number. My boyfriend, just kidding, but seriously, danced and he is just amazing.

Brooklyn's new found love is her turkey & sweet potatoes. Mixed. Well they come together. She loves 'em! I don't know if she was just super ravenous or what, but she chowed it down. By the end of the night, she couldn't even keep her little eyes open and she eventually let the Sandman take over. She fell asleep kind of looking something like this...

But now it's Wednesday and we're ready for it. LUSH shampoo and conditioner, here I come. My hair is dying to hang out with you again.

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