Monday, March 26, 2012

Weekend lunching and shopping

(love that mug!)

Everyone knows (if you've been reading this blog for awhile) that I love the weekends. Who doesn't? I guess I'm just, I guess you'd say, passionate about them. Especially weekends like the one I just enjoyed.

Friday, I got to go to lunch with a long time friend, Syd, and her two darling kids. Syd is the kind of friend that I'm close to, even though we don't see each other much. When we do finally get together, we can pick up right where we left off. Nothing better. We met up at Paradise Bakery and Cafe, home of THE best chocolate chip cookie in the world. Serious. Go see for yourself!

We enjoyed catching up and munching on each other's children. I mean, look at this face. I could not help myself.

(the cheeks - am I right or am I right)

Brooklyn enjoyed sitting in her high chair while I inhaled my turkey & cranberry sandwich and chocolate chip cookie, and then she wanted to be held the rest of the time. 

Duffy wanted Brooklyn to play with him, but she was too busy sucking and chewing on Syd's phone cover. Also, flinging the slobber off of the phone cover. Thanks for being so willing to be covered in baby slobber Syd!

We were there for almost two hours, though it didn't feel like it. We had a lot to talk about. I just couldn't get enough of this sweet little face! I wish I would have gotten a good one of his little nose scrunched up. Cutest thing.

We had Lilee take some pictures of us. She's so big. I can't believe she's old enough to be going to Kindergarten in the fall. She really was born yesterday. I swear it. 

Syd, let's not wait this long to get together again. I miss your face, and obviously your kids' faces. We have too much fun together to have any excuses. Plus, we're so cool.

Love, Me.

The evening brought another trip to City Creek Center. That's right. I was dying to go back. It's too hard to take that whole masterpiece in in just one visit. So, of course we went back. This time with husbands in tow (Brookie came too). But not before we stuffed our faces with some homemade pizza and homemade steak fries. Oh and there were grapes and carrots too. To make it healthy and stuff.

Chelsea and I were both dying to get into LUSH, which neither of us had been successful in doing our first trip to CCC. So even though it was packed to the max, we squeezed our way in. I automatically dubbed it, SLUSH. Satan's store. There are WAY too many things that I want to buy that I DON'T need. I WANT WANT WANT! That means Satan created it right? But seriously, this store was awesome and Chelsea and I ended up talking about it for the rest of the weekend. No lie.

(just a taste of LUSH)

We then enjoyed a little more shopping/browsing while the boys took care of Brooklyn. They were there more to people watch/take in the place and experience what CCC has to offer.

Chelsea and I enjoyed shopping and talking together and have decided we will be doing it again soon and very often. We shop together well. Even if we're just looking around. And we feel that CCC has taken it to another level. We love you CCC! (can you tell i'm obsessed? I need help!)

(us on the sky bridge)

(Uncle Jeremy and Brookie - hangin by 'the fireplace')

We ended up miraculously running into Kayla and Haley there. Shocking. Not. They love the place as much as I do. They had some fun with Brooklyn and then we went our separate ways. Except, Haley came home with us to have a sleepover. Yay for sleepovers!

Saturday was spent at my in laws. There was more pizza, lots of visiting, and some more shopping. I went with my mother-in-law to a Wood Connection kind of store where they had tons and tons of darling crafty things. My mother-in-law loves this stuff and got herself some of those darling things to make her own and have in her home.

Chelsea and I went perusing at Target and Old Navy. Lots of stuff for us to drool over. Chelsea even bought these candy Nerds mini eggs that were so yummy. I love that stuff. I love Easter candy. Thanks again for being so willing to share Chels!

Then it was pasta for dinner and ice cream at Farr's. So good. Definitely a good end to our Saturday. On the way home, Brooklyn got super upset. She was way tired and wouldn't settle down. So, I did what any mother would do, while keeping my seat belt fastened, I got up on my knees, leaned over as far as I could into her car seat, and nursed her. Not kidding. Hey everyone else on the freeway, I'm just nursing my baby while she's still in her car seat! James laughed and I did the best I could to keep myself covered. It was dark outside. But still. Risky business. 

Sunday was nice. James and I took turns with Brooklyn again and after church was over I renewed my temple recommend. I NEED to get to the temple! ASAP! I will do it. It's a priority. So, keep me honest and if you see me on the street, ask if I've been. Kick me in the pants if I haven't. Thanks.

Lastly, happy 8 months Brooklyn Jayde. I love you so darn much! And so does your daddy.

So excited for general conference this weekend. My fave.  
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