Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Brooklyn likes to get on top of things, like you see above, and just sit there perched like a little bird, waiting for something exciting to happen. I think her arms eventually get tired because she'll hold this pose for several minutes and then she'll sprawl out on her tummy. Such a funny girl. I only let her do this if I'm right there with her because then when she does get tired, she likes to go face first off the front of the box. It really is the cutest.

I'm lucky because when she is in this pose and I try to take her picture, she looks at the camera and forgets that she's balancing on top of a box, but not this time. I had to be very sneaky to get these priceless photos.

In other news, I'm OBSESSED with my hand cream from L'Occitane. Mine is in Cherry Blossom and it smells amazing. I seriously put it on like ten times a day. Oh my heck. Go get yourself some! It's $10!

I can't wait to try the R&B that I got at LUSH last night. I've heard so many good things about this product. I'm grateful to have been steered in its' direction (thank you Katie). It's supposed to help with flyaways which I have super bad with all the new baby hair I have growing in right now. I wish it could help stop my hair from falling out by the millions! I'll definitely let ya know if it's as amazing as the reviews.

In more random news... you have to try this cereal.

James purchased this cereal last week and I can't get enough of it. I love the fruity blueberry taste. For real. It makes me feel like I'm doing something good for my body...I know it's not real legit fruit, but it tastes like it. Mmm... try it. 

I did laundry all day yesterday (literally), so I plan on taking it a little more easy today. I'll finally be meeting my cousin's baby who lives in Utah county. So Brookie and I will make the trek down there and enjoy some cousin time. I can't wait. Baby Addison here we come. 

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