Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Meeting a baby

A baby cousin that is. Brooklyn did just that, met her new baby cousin, Addie. I love the name and it totally suits the darling face and softest hair that it comes with. She's precious. 

Brooklyn wasn't sure about ME holding baby Addie. She became a little protective and also wanted to pull her socks off. Tiny socks. Brooklyn looked huge next to her and I honestly can't believe that she was once that small. It seems like yesterday. Gosh. Eight months later.

Amanda is such a sweet mommy. She loves that baby. Oh that baby. For now, I'll call her Little Addie. She's so little. She's not premature, just so tiny compared to her big cousin Brooklyn Jayde over here. What what. 

That big Brooklyn Jayde screamed and cried the whole way from Pleasant Grove to home. No joke. I guess she already misses Little Addie. We'll definitely have to get them together soon Manda.

(look how sad she is to leave)

K but seriously, that car ride took it all out of me. Oh man. I tried everything to calm my distraught baby, but she was not having it. When I got her out of the car she was still crying. Took her in the house, still crying. I let her cry it out in her crib and then she settled down. Darn those tough moments huh Brookie?

So what did I do to de-stress from that really fun drive? I went to City Creek with Chelsea. Thanks for inviting me! We had a blast being pampered in LUSH and trying almost every product they have. If you go, ask for Heidi. She's the best.

We finished off the night with Italian sodas (raspberry) and parted ways. It totally lifted my spirits and gave me the break I needed to go back home and be the best mom I can be. Those breaks are amazing! Are they not? Who's with me?!

Thanks again Chels.

As I drove home I couldn't help but become totally overwhelmed with the love I have for that baby at home. And for the husband I left to care for her. He's such a good dad. Honestly. He really and truly is. He's also a great husband. He'd do anything for me. He would. He's constantly asking me what he could do to make me happy. Those are his exact words. I'm a lucky girl. I have two amazing people that I get to take care of for the rest of my life (and they'll take care of me). I'm so so grateful.
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