Friday, March 30, 2012


Yesterday, Brooklyn conquered the stairs. Uncle Deven decided it was high time. The only set of stairs we have are right outside our door and they then lead to the out-outside door. So it's kind of dark, but that didn't stop her. She was stoked.

I mean, look at the pride and excitement in that cute little baby face.

That girl loves a good adventure. And she got one. Dev had her just do a few at the bottom a couple times and then when James got home (while they were practicing) Dev had her try the whole set. Having her daddy at the top for motivation helped a little I think.

Way to go sweetie.

(oh that mug!)

The weekend brings this...

and going here...

and here...

I. Can't. Wait.

h a p p y  w e e k e n d i n g !

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