Monday, March 19, 2012

St. Patty's Day... kind of

Our St. Patty's Day weekend wasn't so green. In fact, there was nothing resembling it in the least. Maybe next year. The weekend more involved food, family, more food, and relaxation. A pretty good St. Patty's Day weekend I'd say.

We were in Coalville Friday night to watch Haley perform. Brooklyn loved watching the performers and was enthralled the entire night. She was obviously feeling much better.

(the Daddy-Daughter dance. Yes, they performed a choreographed dance.)

Haley's growing up so darn fast it makes me sad. She is such a good aunt to Brooklyn and is almost always taking care of her when we're at my parents' house. Haley will be turning 16 in a few months. We hope that doesn't change our frequent get togethers.

(all the ladies)

The rest of the night consisted of the usual: eating and visiting. Just the way we like it. Except, I think maybe going to bed earlier might be in order. Some of us have kids now. What do you think family? Let's shoot for midnight next time. Ya?

(the visiting crew - there are 9 people in the photo. Can you spot them?)

(Grandma's form of entertaining Brooklyn for the evening)

Saturday brought lunch plans with Jeremy and Chelsea. Brooklyn stayed in Coalville while Mommy and Daddy drove back down to SLC, childless. That was crazy. Being childless I mean. James and I talked the whole way to without any baby interruptions. It was like the old days. I missed my baby, but it was a nice little break.

We met up with Jeremy and Chelsea at Brio. The new Italian restaurant at Fashion Place. I've been wanting to go there since it opened and this weekend finally became the opportunity to be able to eat there. Not having Brooklyn with us was definitely a factor, as it is a nicer restaurant. 

The food was amazing, the company was great, and the restaurant was beautiful. The prices really are reasonable. It may just become an ADULT family favorite. I recommend the Penne Gorgonzola. Delicious!

(it was windy, hence, hubbys with closed eyes) 

The boys went to burn off their lunch afterward with a little b ball. Chelsea and I did what we did best, chat. It really is the best. We don't get bored. We have so much in common and lots that we always have to talk about so it works out.

My parents and sister brought Brooklyn down a little later. She was happy to see her mom! Grandma spoiled her and gave her a blue popsicle on the ride down (ya know, for her sore throat). Again, we hung out and visited until Jeremy and Chelsea had to leave to make it to other plans they had. The rest of us headed to Texas Roadhouse. I told ya, lots of eating this weekend.

Brooklyn wasn't down with the TR. She wanted out of her high chair and into Mommy's lap for a little dinner of her own. She wouldn't nurse in the restaurant (yes, I tried). So we ventured out into the backseat of the car, in the rain, to get that babe some dinner. Luckily, the timing was great. As soon as we got back, the food was at the table. I had ribs. A-maz-ing you guys! 

The rest of the weekend was just our little family. We watched some shows, snuggled in bed, ate some cinnamon rolls, and enjoyed church together. Mostly. James was my Superman Sunday morning by taking Brooklyn so I could sleep...til 11. I didn't sleep the whole time, mind you. But it felt good to just sleep. 

Church was good. We had ward conference and there was lots of good discussion about reading the Book of Mormon together as a family. It definitely re-lit the fire and created motivation to want to read that most important book. I love coming away from my Sunday meetings feeling the way I did today. 

Our week looks good. It's busy, but good. I'm looking forward to FHE, going to the new City Creek Center, and the Hunger Games movie coming out. I won't see it this weekend, but knowing it's out is exciting enough! I can't wait!

(Brooklyn's newest trick)

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