Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Climber - ing

Brooklyn has decided that her new favorite hobby/past time/skill, is to climb things. She climbs our tables, the wall, chairs, boxes, laundry baskets, couches, beds, and anything else that is taller than her.

Yesterday completely wore me out. Besides the fact that it's my heavy cleaning/laundry day, Brooklyn was all over the place. She doesn't have great balance yet, so she falls, bumps her head, that sort of thing. It scares me. I'm a first time mother. But I've also felt pretty confident in my ability to let her do her thing. I want her to learn from the tumbles and bumps. They definitely haven't slowed her down.

She also likes to climb up things to be able to get things that are out of her reach when she's just crawling around. A great example of this is my blanket that is SUPER ridiculous to fold that I keep on our sofa chair in the living room. Here she is in action:

I decided a laundry basket tipped upside down would be a safe bet. It's tall enough to help her be in a standing position but too tall for her to climb...wrong.

She tumbled off of it a couple of times and didn't cry. She'd get up and do it again. I'm grateful for that, other than it makes me a tad nervous. I took it away for awhile and this broke her heart. Little did I know that she'd just find a replacement. A taller replacement. Enter, the diaper box.

(of course the UPS guy shows up with this today)

I am worn out people. Holy cow. It honestly was nice for the past couple of months that she was able to be mobile and independent, but now, the climbing. Oh the climbing. She used to be content with obstacle courses made out of pillows. Not so much anymore. What ever will I do? In order for our house to be super safe for her, we'd have to get rid of half of everything in it. I guess I'll just have to work on getting that super power moms get. Ya know, the one where they get eyes in the back of their head. That one. Then, when I turn my back to fold a towel, or wipe up a spill, I'll know that she's scaled the diaper box again and is ready to tumble off right at that moment. 

Maybe this is Heavenly Father's way of helping me work out. Ya that's it. I guess I really appreciate that. He's pretty clever.

* 2 days and counting = City Creek Center
*3 days and counting = Hunger Games movie

It's also National Ravioli Day. Brio, remember that really yummy restaurant from the weekend, is having a 50% off deal on all of their ravioli dishes. What a great excuse to go! If you do, let me know what you think. It really is an awesome dining experience. 

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