Wednesday, March 21, 2012

First day of spring . . .

(Brooklyn telling her animals about Spring)

The first day of Spring was a lovely one. We woke up to a snow covered ground that quickly melted away and became the most beautiful springtime display of grass and blue sky that I've never seen. It made my heart happy. 

My spring grass is finally starting to grow. Hopefully it'll be nice and full for Easter. Seeing that new green life definitely adds an extra excitement about this new season that is upon us.

Keep growing grass. You can do it.

Deven, Brooklyn, and I spent the afternoon at The Gateway. We spent our time in Anthropologie and f21. Of course. The weather was perfect to be out for a little strolling. Brooklyn was happy the entire time. I think she feels the excitement of spring as well.

On our way home, we witnessed what can only be the cutest/best way to  welcome the season... ducks crossing the street. This starts happening about the same time every year and they cross all the time throughout the summer. I absolutely love it. It does hold up traffic for awhile because these ducks are in NO hurry at all. They're just enjoying the beautiful day and each other's company. What a sight.

(the white and darker images are those darling ducks)

(closer inspection - through my dirty windshield)

You better believe that for dinner we were swimming in ravioli at Brio (it was national ravioli day). Jeremy joined us (we missed you Chelsea), and our party of 5 was set. That's Brooklyn included. She stayed entertained with a straw, the white paper on the tables, and water from Daddy's glass. She really was good throughout the whole meal.

(I see you foo)

The food was amazing again. My entree had to have been the best though. My ravioli was dressed in mushrooms and alfredo sauce. The best kind. Mine was also the biggest, by far. It was like a whole bathtub full. I wasn't ashamed.

I tried James' and Dev's as well and they were both excellent as well. Man I'm a pasta lover. Definitely a Brio pasta lover. Mmm-mmm.

We got home just in time for me to catch Cougar Town. Don't watch it yet? You should. Funny people. 

Brooklyn and I spent the evening together while the boys played some ball. She enjoyed climbing things and I enjoyed trying to keep her safe while climbing those things. We were both worn out in no time. In fact, I fell asleep putting her to bed. Clothes, make-up, and all. I never do that. But folks, I'm one tired mama. I woke up at 1:30 not sure where I was or who I was (I hate that feeling) and remembered I hadn't finished this post. So here I sit, on the first middle-of-the-night-of-spring and type. In my skivies nonetheless. The house is quiet. The clocks are ticking. And I'm tired. Happy, but tired. 

Life is good. I love being a wife and a mother. I love the duties and roles I am fulfilling and learning. I need to do better. I try to be better. But, life is good to me. I have no complaints. And now, right on cue, I have happy weather in conjunction. Welcome Spring.

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