Friday, March 16, 2012

SLURPEES. The blue kind.

(sick baby - happy after a trip to the doctor)

Wednesday night was THE worst. The worst I tell ya. I've never felt more helpless or scared. Brooklyn woke up in the middle of the night crying, a mournful cry, and her whole body was hot. So hot. I took her temperature, 103.5. Oh. My. Gosh. 

James woke up and turned the lamp on. Brooklyn's poor little body was shaking and the look in her eyes told me she was absolutely miserable. Kayla, who was spending the night, woke up to the crying as well. She came to the rescue and sang to Brooklyn while I put her in warm bath. Meanwhile, James looked through some child medical resource books we have to see how serious this was.

I was desperate. I wanted all of the sickness to go away and never come back. After the bath, I wrapped her up in a thin blanket and just held her. Kayla sang to her. It kept her mind of off her miserableness. Oh my sweet sick little baby. 

I called the doctor's office the next morning and luckily got her in by noon. Mary Poppins was there to greet us. Brooklyn, still miserable, was not in her usual happy mood. Dr. Poppins diagnosed her with hand foot and mouth disease, due to the little sores on the back of Brooklyn's throat (and of course, the fevers). Even though I was sad to hear it...SUCH a peace of mind. 

She also has an ear infection so we were able to get a prescription for that. Dr. Poppins also prescribed Tylenol, Ibuprofen, warm baths, a cool humidifier, and a Slurpee. Yep. A Slurpee. So you bet she got one. A blue raspberry one. She was in heaven. Along with her Cinderella sticker Auntie Googs picked out for her, she was pretty spoiled. 

(2 of her new favorite things: Slurpees and fuzzy chicks)

The rest of the day was low key. We spent some time out in the beautiful sunshine. That'll make anyone feel better. When James got home, Kayla and I went to Fashion Place for an hour. James and Brooklyn took much needed naps. I hated to be away from my sick baby, but definitely needed it. 

She's already doing better and acting like her old self: crawling around, grabbing at cords, blowing spit bubbles, jabbering quite loudly, and smiling at her mommy and daddy.

Here's to a good relaxing weekend filled with naps and blue raspberry Slurpees. Oh and a happy St. Patty's Day as well.

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