Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Pics from Sunday and Monday

Oh my gosh the weather on Sunday was heavenly. That warm fresh air, my sweet little baby in her darling little dress, and flats on without tights...BLISS.

(purple nails and sparkly pink shoes)

Brooklyn and I spotted SPRING just 'budding' in every tree in the yard.

I wanted to do cartwheels! But instead, I had to stick with my housewife/motherly duties and get dinner started.

For FHE we had scones and filled out our NCAA March Madness brackets. Go UNC. Please, go. I've never picked the winner. Maybe this year is my year!

Brooklyn loved having all of us down on her level. She took her time going back and forth from the package of markers she was playing with to each one of our brackets. She is such a busy body. She drooled on mine so I'm guessing she thought mine looked the best. I sure hope so.

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