Wednesday, March 14, 2012

March thirteenth

Monday night was rough. So rough. Brooklyn woke up almost constantly through the night. She really hasn't had many of those so when she does, it hurts me. This girl needs her sleep. Me. It has very much been compromised since becoming a mother. Totally worth it. It just feels so nice when I get a good night's rest. 

Due to the looooooong night, Brooklyn woke up at 11. Studio 5 had already started and I think it confused Brooklyn to not see her regular cartoons. So we kept it all switched up and I stuck her in here.

She loved it and was completely content...

for about 5 minutes. 

Then she was ready to eat her breakfast. 

I bathed her and dressed her and then she was ready for a nap. That looooong night I tell ya, it messed with her schedule. But I was more than happy to let her sleep. 

So while she slept, Dev and I had pepperoni pizza sandwiches for lunch. Never heard of 'em? All you need is bread, pizza sauce, cheese, pepperonis, and a sandwich maker. Delish. You won't regret it.

We headed out for some errands in Dev's slick car when Brooklyn woke up from her nap. These errands included me getting five bucks back from Wal-Mart for being double charged for my cereal. Thank you Wal-Mart! 

Our mixed up day obviously wouldn't let us go partake of taco Tuesdays, so we had sloppy joes. Not just any sloppy joes. My mom's/grandma's sloppy joes. This recipe takes them to the next level. 

Some of the ingredients include:

I also made them with a little Jenny-O ground turkey. Does that remind anyone else of The Biggest Loser? Just wondering. Anyway, I called my mom for a few specific instructions that I wanted to get right.

Dev helped with those fries I made that one time

He's a good little helper. James helped keep Brooklyn occupied with this:

(this is the only way she uses her Bumbo. She dislikes it otherwise.)

We enjoyed our sloppy joes, fries, and get this, Gatorade, for dinner. Super filling and satisfying. I love sloppy joes. Especially a good sloppy joe!

I thoroughly enjoyed watching Cougar Town and New Girl. Tuesday nights rock. Then Dev and I decided we needed something sugary and smooth. McDonald's ice cream cones did the trick. Brooklyn might have been the happiest about those cones. I hardly got any of mine. Her mouth was perma-stuck to it from the get go. I know she's too young for dairy, but look at that face.

Then, our Tuesday night ended happily and peacefully with BYU coming back and winning their game. James was elated. Thrilled. I'm not a BYU fan, but if it keeps him happy, so be it. 

Today we're excited for: a visit from Auntie Googs.

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