Monday, March 12, 2012

Mom's Birthday

The weekend started out with a trip up to the U of U for the last home gymnastics meet. It was a YW activity that turned into a family one. So James and Brooklyn came too.

Brooklyn loved it, for like an hour. Then she was hungry and tired and ready to be away from the noise. But seriously, I was surprised how well she did. There was a lot for her to look at and be entertained by but it eventually just became too much. Seeing the gymnasts reminded me of my cousin KiLeigh, who is serving a mission in Russia. I miss you Ki!

We headed up to Coalville on Saturday morning. For breakfast, it was doughnuts and milk (a half gallon, not kidding) from Win-Co, in the car. Yep. James and I passed a half gallon carton back and forth. It's cool to do that. Right?

When we arrived at my parents' house, the birthday girl (my mom) wasn't even there. She and Kayla had gone to the outlets in Park City  to do her birthday shopping. To be more specific, birthday shopping at JCrew. Sigh. She got some dang good loot too. Cute stuff.

Kayla is the artist in the family and had this taped up in the kitchen.

It was such a beautiful sunny day that we spent a lot of it outside on the deck. Brooklyn loved it. The sun I mean. But she might have loved hanging out with her aunts and uncle even more.

Let's get a closer look at that cute cute face.

Besides Brooklyn's cute face... we got to see my mom's face light up when she opened the gift from us. She also might have screamed. Ok. She did scream. Just the reaction we were looking for.

(in case you can't tell, it's the box set of the Anne of Green Gables movies. A female favorite in our family.)

Brooklyn was then treated to a nap and pedicure from Auntie Hay. Although, it probably should have been something the birthday girl got. Next year Mom.

Meanwhile, Dev, Kayla, and I got busy in the kitchen making Mom's birthday dinner: chicken enchiladas and grapefruit & avocado salad. They were such great helpers. Really. I couldn't have done it without them.

Plus, dinner was a total success. 

Whit and Chuck arrived and we decided we'd let my mom open her gift from them before dinner. She gets excited. Don't we all though?

They got her a juicer. She loved it!

(Grandma can't get enough of Brooklyn)

Dinner was great. We talked, laughed, and for dessert, had the most awesome cake ever, made by Chuck. For real. This guy can bake. He'd never even made this cake before. My mom requested it and he came to the rescue. Whit had work and YW's stuff, so he was more than willing to step in. 

I mean, look at it!

After dinner, 4 of the Holmes sibs flew over to Park City to hit the oulets one more time before they closed for the night. We hit up Old Navy, where I got Brooklyn THE cutest swim suit on the planet, and then to JCrew for jeans. We had a blast in the car talking about kissing (I loved questioning my siblings up and down about their kissing pasts, but then had to fess up about my own) and jammin out to the best of the 90's. Whoop there it is!

My mom's birthday was so fun and we loved the chance to get together and celebrate it with her. I can't wait to have an Anne of Green Gables marathon and maybe even try some juice from the juicer.

This week we will get ready for Easter and springtime by sprucing up the house a little bit. And maybe I should do a little more baby proofing. Brooklyn is into anything and everything that looks like a cord, is anything electrical or electronic, and anything that should not go in her mouth. Having to baby proof has come up so quickly. She's growing up way too fast. 

(in her Spring dress from Grandma Diane - in the mother's lounge)

b r i n g  o n  m a r c h  m a d n e s s ! 

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