Thursday, March 1, 2012

Not last weekend. . .

or the last, or the last, but the one before that. Ya that one. The one where we went to Cokeville for a baby shower and a farewell and I left my camera there.

Well, it's time to catch up. My aunt actually brought my camera back to me the day after she and her family took her oldest son to the MTC in Provo. What a good aunt. I think so.

So here are a few pics from that fun family filled weekend.

(James and I with the mom-to-be)

Brooklyn's public affair. Ok, it was just a bath, but everyone had to come see that cute little naked baby!

Then, she became the center of attention on my grandparents' HUGE table. Lots of room to crawl around and coo at all of her adoring fans.

Brooklyn had a good time. We had a good time. We love visiting family in Cokeville. We love spending time with everyone. There is never enough time. Never.

w e l c o m e  m a r c h ! 

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