Wednesday, February 29, 2012

One random Tuesday . . .

Brooklyn and I took advantage of our late night on Monday and slept in yesterday. It felt good. I love whenever I have the chance to get a little extra sleep. And I'm almost positive that Brooklyn likes it too.

(nap with Uncle Dev's blanket)

It makes her morning nap start a little later, but that's not a problem. As soon as she's out, I run around like a crazy person trying to get as many things done as I can. Today I was very productive. I got my dishes done, laundry folded, and made a batch of chocolate chip cookies. 

(Brooklyn's laundry)

The rest of the day was happy. I painted some gold specs over my red nails, Brooklyn crawled all over the place and yelled as loud as she could, we talked about our trip to California (more on that later), and read some stories. Then, James came home.

He was excited to get home, not only to see his daughter, but because he got a new XBox game in the mail. Hence, his comfy pants. He didn't play very long because he does get distracted by Brooklyn. She was so happy he was home and she wanted to tell him all about her day. While she did this, he took a few snap shots of her.

Oh that girl. She has more energy than any other human being I have ever met in my life. Anyone who has ever held her or been around her for longer than ten minutes, knows this. What will we do when she can walk?

Of course, since it was Tuesday, we hit up Rubio's for some fish tacos, where we have become regulars. But not before I tried out a sock bun. Now, this has been trending for awhile. My SIL Chelsea has been doing it for like a month. I just seem to be slow to get on those style trains. Like I'm scared or something. Luckily, Studio 5 did a bit on them and showed step by step how to do these cute little buns. Bless them. 

So I watched the video one more time and attempted it. You guys, not as hard as I thought. And I thought I'd try a lower one out, just to see if I could do it without actually seeing what I was doing. 

Maybe next time I'll be more brave and try one atop my head. I think those are so darn cute. So don't be scared, try it!

Speaking of trying things...False Lash February is over today. Sad. I loved wearing false lashes. It definitely more completed my look during the day (or night). I only ended up trying one brand, Ardell, but it was a good one. Their glue is good, and the lashes held up very nicely. I would still like to try a few others. I'm drawn to them now!

(watching the Oscars with ma lashes on)

In more random news, Brooklyn had a first tonight. On our new tradition of Costco every Tuesday (I swear), we decided to try putting Brooklyn in the shopping cart without her car seat. What?! Yes. Sitting up. She won't sit up at home because she's too busy, but she L.O.V.E.D. sitting up in the shopping cart. Being able to see the mountains of things and all the people made her the happiest bald baby on the planet. Little sweetie.

She's growing up way too fast and I can hardly stand it. She seriously changes after a nap! She looks older, more grown up. Sad. Sad. I can't handle it. Because of this, I try to eat her up as much as I can every day. She gets tired of the kisses sometimes but I can't help but dish them out by the thousands!

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