Wednesday, February 8, 2012

It continues . . .

In case you were wondering...we're still sick over here. It's been a miserable couple of days. Brooklyn has gotten worse, James has gotten worse, and I've stayed the same. James and I did go to the doc on Monday and only one of us left with a prescription. It wasn't me. 

James has been able to take the past two days off of work and just be able to relax and try to get better. Yesterday, Brooklyn woke up earlier than usual and I was not ready to get up yet. So, James willingly took her out to the living to play and they let me sleep for another two hours. Two hours!!! So nice. 

(he's such a stud)

When I woke up, he had fed her breakfast, played with her, and bathed her. What a good daddy (and husband). He deserves a treat for that. It really really made a difference for me to get a little extra sleep. I am grateful for the job he has that allows him to have sick days. So grateful.

We enjoyed fish taco Tuesday again. Oh heavens, it's the best tradition. It's healthy and so delicious. We're glad that Dev has taken a liking to them like we have. He definitely has the same genes as me because he has a love for almost anything food. Food is good.

Along with the sickness in this house, False Lash February also continues. If you haven't jumped on the band it! I have loved it. Not having to put on mascara is so nice. A make-up routine I have not missed. It leaves me with extra time. Extra time that I can use to... clean out and organize my diaper bag. 

Checkin out the ducks.

h a p p y  w e d n e s d a y !

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