Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Fat Tuesday

Today was a Downton kind of day. So, I made a deal with myself: if I did my chores before 11 AM, then I could watch the last episode of season 2. Boy did that fire me up. I got crack-a-lackin. Brooklyn was in a good mood. She's feeling so much better. That girl. She just creeped around and did a little Brooking. Brooking? What is that you ask? It's this.

She is constantly holding this position and it just cracks me up, therefore, it needed a name. Brooking. So feel free to send me pics of yourself Brooking. It'll be fun.

Happily enough, I finished my chores. So, I settled in with part of my yummy Valentine's gift from my in-laws and turned on the tube. Oh Downton Abbey, I am addicted to you. And also, I am now addicted to this popcorn. Raspberry Dream. It is a dream.

Brooklyn took a 2 hour nap. Not the usual for her. So I was able to finish Downton, shower, and get ready. I think she did it on purpose. That long nap. She knew her mommy needed a little down time and a little relaxation. She's so good to me. 

Then, after the babe woke up and ate her garden vegetables, my mom and Haley graced us with their presence. They ate Brooklyn up and I attempted to get my mom hooked on Downton. I think it worked. 

The boys both got home a little later and we all headed out for TACO TUESDAY. Only the best food day of the week. I'm thinking about bringing back homemade pizza Friday as well. That was good times. But anyway, we ate our delicious tacos and then made a Costco run. Seriously one of my favorite things to do. I'm a total nerd. But it's true.

(this is what Dev did while I watched Cougar Town. He's such a diligent studier!)

I watched the new episode of Cougar Town (don't judge all the screen time I had yesterday) and loved every second. That show makes me happy. Season 2 soon Chels, k? You too Whit!

The night ended with just my little sidekick and I hangin out. The boys went to ball it up and we didn't feel like working out. That or we weren't invited, I don't recall. Anyway, it was a great Tuesday. The best Tuesday. In fact, yes it was. Well mostly.

Confession: I ALSO watched There's No Business Like Show Business on Netflix. I've been a little obsessed with Marilyn Monroe lately. 

P.S. At the end of the week I will be changing the URL address of my blog from jamesandninruesch to randomforevers. It only makes sense. So please please, keep following and reading along and make the switch with me!

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