Friday, January 13, 2012


Today was deemed 'slobberfest' at our house. I went through the day with slobber all over my face, hair, clothes, and hands. That sweet little slobbery Brooklyn. I think she does it out of love.

She also took some great naps today. Usually her naps during the day are under an hour (I know!), but today, 2 of them were almost 2 hours. It was great. I accomplished a lot read a lot of my book. That I love by the way. I would totally recommend it. It's called The Swan House. I felt justified because I worked my tail off this week. Keeping up on my house, dinner, dishes, Brooklyn's odds and ends. I love to read. I love it.

Here she is during one of her glorious naps. I was playing a risky little game by snapping this shot.

(my little sleeping and slobbery beauty)

While she rolled on the floor and played with her toys, she rolled over to a spot of the living room she hasn't really explored yet. She loved the tv tray.

A lot.

My sweet little slobbery baby.

Then, after a dinner of fish, veggies, and rice, James got down on the floor to play with her. He misses her a lot while he's at work. Brooklyn misses him too.

Tonight, she wore him right out.

James went and did some visits (for his church calling) and then we ventured out to get a few groceries. Brooklyn behaved very well. She is getting so much better at entertaining herself. We quickly got the things we needed and were heading out...but not without these bad boys.

There were a couple other flavors, but we had our hearts set on these ones. Ahh lemonade. Have I already mentioned that I'm craving summer just a little bit?

We ended the night with latte bowls full of ice cream and doting over Brooklyn in her cute little jammies,

and strawberry stamped bum.

'Slobberfest' was a successful happy day for all. We love each other. We are happy. We are healthy. Our tummies are full of ice cream and pretty lemonades (Brooklyn's is full of milk and green beans...yum), and we are ready for the weekend.

Bring it on.

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