Thursday, January 12, 2012


Brooklyn got another fun package in the mail this week...

her Johnny Jump-Up

She loves it. For 10 minutes at a time. She doesn't quite get how to jump yet. She just kind of twirls and bangs around like a drunken sailor. It's hilarious. So cute. Hopefully she'll be jumping in no time.

Last night for dinner we had gorgonzola shrimp (one of my faves) and then I ran off to YW in Excellence/New Beginnings. It was a short but sweet program rounding off with dirt cups (our theme was Spiritual Survival) and the most delicious slush in the world.

After I slurped all of that down, I quickly helped to clean-up and put away. I raced home, worried that Brooklyn would be starving after my two hour absence, but she was just fine, playing on the floor with her daddy.

I feel like I am always rushed. I rush through my shower every morning. I rush to get laundry done. I rush to basically do everything. Part of this is because Brooklyn is either crying, hungry, or bored. I try to keep her as happy as possible.

Lately she's been rolling around all over the place. It has given her a sense of independence and also kept her happy while I am not giving her any sort of attention.

I really need to work on not rushing. I need to enjoy the here and now and not just rush through everything I do in my day. I'll miss so much and regret it down the road.

So here's to not rushing.

I can do it.

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