Monday, January 16, 2012

Long Weekends...

We love long weekends at our house. It's especially nice to have James home. Brooklyn loves to spend time with her daddy. And it's nice to have another adult around during the day. 

My weekend fun started at 11:42 A.M. when I picked Chelsea up at the trax station (Kinect, silhouette bag on wheels and all). We had big plans. Our goal was to make a cute Valentine's craft we'd both seen on Pinterest. But before that, we did a little shopping, and a little browsing at Orson Gygi's. If you've never been, go check it out.

After we finally figured out our craft, it was almost time for our hubbiess to get home from work. We'd forgotten to eat lunch (that never happens when you're with ME) and were absolutely starved by the time our craft was done and the boys were home.

(isn't that a pretty fluff of pink?)

Chelsea and I ventured out to get Greek food. We shared and savored, a gyro, lemon rice, and the most amazing Greek doughnuts. Oh. My. Gosh. The boys got Carl's Jr. and were satisfied with that.

My parents were in town that night, and by that, I mean, they were downtown SLC staying at the Little America. So, Chels and I took Brooklyn to visit them while we went and treated ourselves to some dessert. Now, don't feel bad for our husbands. They got to do exactly what they wanted, play XBOX together. They can never get enough and they don't get to play together very often.

(mine was called the cheddabutta brownie...divine)

The next morning my mom picked up our little family and we headed to Timpview high school in Provo to watch Haley compete in the state cheer competition. It was an all day event and Brooklyn did so well, only crying when Mommy cheered very loudly for Auntie Hay.

The competition results couldn't have been any better. North Summit took first in the 2A division and scored the MOST points out of any other squad there (31 squads total, including 5A). Their routine was basically flawless. They killed it! So exciting!

We all celebrated by stuffing our faces at The Old Spaghetti Factory. James and I shared pasta and cherry coke. So yummy. I'm sure I gained 2 pounds JUST from all the cherry coke. I was happy.

That night James' family came down and we watched a movie, Another World. It definitely did not end how we all hoped, but it had us sucked in within the first ten minutes. It'll definitely be a movie we talk about down the road.

After church on Sunday, we met James' family in South Jordan to visit James' aunt, uncle, and cousins. His cousin is heading to Texas on a mission this week. Such an exciting time! We enjoyed visiting and laughing.

Then we were on our way to Coalville. We hardly ever spend a weekend at home. Hardly. We watched the Golden Globes and visited, but the night ended short for me because Brooklyn was exhausted and ready for bed. I fell asleep putting her to bed. It felt good to go to bed before midnight on the weekend.

Morning brought snow, waffles, That Thing You Do, and a hair cut for James. The afternoon was almost as relaxing: a nice run on the treadmill, Never Say Never (don't judge - it's good!), and homemade mac & cheese. Such a nice relaxing day.

(my dad called this ingenuity)

Everyone but my mom, Brookie, and I, were addicted to a game, Words With Friends, all weekend. Wow.

(here is James enjoying 'that' game and Brooklyn trying so hard to crawl)

(Ridiculous. Absolutely ridiculous.)
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