Wednesday, January 25, 2012


(the phone pic we sent James - 'love your sicklies!' Give us a week and we'll be back to being his lovelies.)

We had a sick day yesterday. I was pretty miserable, and I felt even worse for Brooklyn. She has a little cough (it's incredibly adorable and sad all at the same time). It didn't really affect her though, other than she did take a GREAT nap.

Upon closer inspection...

(face down - don't worry, she could breathe)

I woke up with my nose running like a faucet and a pounding-pounding head ache. 7 AM I got up, took some IB's, stuffed some toilet paper up my nose, and went back to bed. I was out. Luckily, so was Brooklyn.

After we slept a little longer, had breakfast, and were ready for the day, we snuggled on the couch and watched the most recent Pan Am episodes. The babe wasn't too interested, as she fell asleep two minutes into it. My sweet little sick baby.

She was a trooper though. She took good care of her mommy. She gave me lots of loves and plenty of smiles. I'm sure it made me feel ten times better than how I would have felt without all her sweet little lovin' today.

I wanted to drink gallons of vitamin C infested juices and sit in a hot tub for hours, letting my cold ridden body just escape to somewhere warm with sunny beaches and pretty tropical drinks. Ugh. If only. If only.

Instead, I drank bucket loads of water and munched on string cheese and chocolate chip muffins. Super healthy I know. But I didn't have any juice, and where was I supposed to get a hot tub?

I also got to snuggle and cuddle THE cutest darned baby on the planet. She was good to me. My little dolly. She makes me more happy than she'll ever know. Even more happy than beaches and hot tubs. 

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